Xiaomi T300 Toothbrush electric toothbrush

xiaomi t300

Xiaomi T300 electric toothbrush, we can say that is the little brother of Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush T500. In fact, it supports the same design and almost the same sound technology for vibration. There are two brushing modes, normal and soft. Xiaomi T300 electric toothbrush also has a reminder every 30 seconds to change the cleaning area. Its next-generation ultrasonic motor vibrates at 31,000 rpm. Thanks to the battery it reaches a battery life of 25 days and the charging time does not exceed 4 hours. It continues to maintain the IPX7 certificate for water resistance. Unlike the T500, this model does not have any type of connectivity. Another difference is that there is no charging base, but it is charged directly via USB Type-C, thanks to a small base cover. The set of the electric toothbrush has several rings of different colors that can be changed. They attach to the base of the brush so that it can be easily recognized if several such brushes are used in the family.

Dimensions: 187.5 mm x 28.5 mm Battery life: 25 days Battery type: lithium Voltage: 3.7 W Consumption: 2 W Weight: 109 g Body material: ABS / DuPont bristle IP rating: IPX7 General features: Two brushing modes, reminder every 30 seconds. Connectivity: N / A Colors: White Charging time: 4 hours

The design of the Xiaomi T300 Toothbrush electric toothbrush is modern and minimalist. There are only 2 indicators on the toothbrush itself, which show the selected cleaning mode, and a button to start the brush. There is also a battery indicator light. At the base of the brush there are removable rings and a cover that hides the USB Type-C charging connector.

The quality of Xiaomi brand products is undeniable. This is also the case with the T300 electric toothbrush. The materials used are mostly plastic, but the quality of the assembly is great. The brush feels very stable in the hand.

The main functionality of the Xiaomi T300 is reminded every 30 seconds to change the reading area. The reminder is done with a slight interruption of the vibrations – so you know that you need to start brushing another area of the teeth. The brush has automatically set 2 minutes for cleaning. This time is clinically tested the most optimal time to clean the oral cavity. Xiaomi electric toothbrush also indicates that the battery will soon run out, as the indicator lights up red.

Pro: Super durable battery, water resistance, quality assembly, the ability to set the cleaning effort
Con: No bluetooth connection, no charging dock

My personal impressions of the Xiaomi T300 brush are excellent. The quality is undeniable and from my use I have to say that the brush lasts much more than 25 days with one charge when used once a day.

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Xiaomi T300 Toothbrush electric toothbrush is just amazing. If you have not tried to brush your teeth with an ultrasonic brush, you should do it immediately. I can’t do without her anymore. If I haven’t used it one day, I feel it right away. And to use a simple toothbrush is already strange to me. Before I used a regular brush, my gums were constantly bleeding. There is no mention of this after I bought the Xiaomi T300 electric brush. The battery lasts much longer than announced, and the automatic shutdown after 2 minutes is a great convenience. So you know that, you will not overdo the brushing. No problem bathing with it, I do it every day. It is completely waterproof. I recommend everyone to buy and try this device.



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