Rapoo MT750 Pro computer mouse alternative to Logitech MX Master

Rapoo MT750 Pro
Rapoo MT750 Pro
Rapoo MT750 Pro
Rapoo MT750 Pro
Rapoo MT750 Pro

The Rapoo MT750PRO, also known as the Rapoo MT750W or MT750S (whichever you buy it from), is an ergonomic and proven computer mouse that mimics the design of the Logitech MX Master 3. The mouse features a high-resolution sensor up to 3200 DPI and capability for Bluetooth connection with 3 devices plus one with USB dongle. Rapoo MT750PRO offers exceptional ergonomics – fits snugly on the palm and prevents fatigue during prolonged computer use. There are 2 additional buttons that can be built using a special application and a horizontal scroller.

Connectivity Bluetooth connection modes, wireless (dongle) 2.4 GHz wireless transmission Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 3.0 Operating distance Up to 10 m range, 360 ° coverage USB type 3.0 Nano USB receiver Plug & amp; Play Nano USB storage storage compartment № Compatibility Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 Yes macOS Yes iOS Yes Android Yes Chrome OS Yes Feature Buttons 9, including side Scroll wheel Silent click № DPI 3200, adjustable DPI switch Yes Optical tracking technology Drivers Yes Power Battery included Yes Lithium-ion rechargeable battery Battery life Full charge up to 30 days Dimensions Height 49 mm Width 122 mm Depth 85 mm Weight 75 g

The design of this computer mouse is one of its most important features. Very few mice have this type of ergonomic design, which prevents fatigue during prolonged use. The mouse fits extremely well on the palm and even in a relaxed state keeps the hand in the optimal position. This avoids the stress that the palm experiences on smaller mice.

In terms of quality, the Rapoo MT750PRO is not inferior to Logitech at all. Although the Rapoo brand is not known on the international market, they have been a manufacturer of mice and peripherals for many years. The assembly of the mouse is at an exceptional level and feels super stable in the hand. The only difference with Logitech is that Rapoo is a bit lighter.

As a functionality, the Rapoo MT750S has 2 buttons next to the vertical scroller, with which you can change the resolution and the device you want to connect to. Next to the main button are two additional buttons that can be adjusted to perform the functions you want. On the left side you have a place to put your thumb and use it with the horizontal scroller. Below the mouse you have a button to turn the device on and off. The only thing missing from this mouse is where to put the USB dongle. But since it has a built-in battery, I guess there was no place to put such a gutter.

Pro: Super ergonomic, durable battery, connection to up to 4 devices
Con: There is no silent scrolling

The Rapoo MT750 Pro is a pretty good alternative to the Logitech MX Master series. The only significant difference between the two mice is the Logitech MX Master’s magnetic silent scroller. For me personally, this is not a problem, it’s even a little strange to me and I prefer the standard one. There is nothing to be desired such as durability and settings options. Only the Bluetooth connection is a bit buggy, but I’m still not sure if it’s from the mouse itself or my Bluetooth. After nearly 4 months of use, I can safely say that this is the best and most comfortable mouse in this price range.

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After a long search for an ergonomic mouse, I found that the choice is not big at all, let alone almost none. I don’t know why most brands produce small and low profile mice that are super awkward even if you have a small hand. After a few hours of use, your hand just feels exhausted. I personally have a very big hand, so I was looking for a high-profile computer mouse that would fit my hand and not be tense. Unfortunately, there are almost no such mice. The most famous option is the MX Master series from Logitech, but their price is outrageous. For me, a mouse costing over BGN 100 exceeds the psychological limit and I can’t give that amount for a small piece of plastic. Then I discovered the Rapoo MT750 Pro, which is a clone of Logitech, at 1/3 of the price. The only significant difference is the lack of a magnetic scroller in the Rapoo MT750 Pro. This lack, in my opinion, is not due to the fact that Rapoo can not produce the same scroll, but rather because it is a patent of Logitech. And I honestly don’t miss him at all. The ergonomics of the mouse itself are simply amazing. It fits snugly to the hand and you do not feel any tension or fatigue in the wrist. The quality is also indisputable – Rapoo is a long-standing manufacturer of computer peripherals.



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