NO.1 DT98 – cheap smart watch with ECG and IP68 water resistance

DT98 Smartwatch

First I want to say that I love watches. I always have to have a watch on my hand and if I don’t have one I feel super weird – it’s like a part of my body doesn’t have it. And usually when I buy a watch I put it on my hand and don’t take it off until it breaks down or the battery drops. After all that has been said so far and very … very surprised I decided to try and buy a smart watch. My main search criteria were:

  • battery – the smartwatch had to last a long time on a single charge, because as I wrote above, I like to put on a watch and not take it off .
  • to have as many features as possible , as this will be my first smartwatch and I wanted to try out all the features of these devices.

study I found the company NO.1, which is exclusively engaged in the production of smart watches. As the most I liked the design and price – the model DT98 smart watch.


Design Round


Size 1.3 “inch
Display type IPS LCD
Resolution 240 x 240 pixels
Touch type Touch Button


Weight 25.6 grams
Facing Zinc alloy


Операционна система Own


CPU MTK2502 processor


Internal Memory
Card slot none


SIM card slot no
NFC no
Bluetooth Bluetooth version: V4.2
USB no


Capacity 300 mAh – 5 days life with 1 charge
Charging technology Magnetic cable


Water resistance IP68 water resistance level


Sensors and functions Pulse, Pedometer, Blood Pressure and ECG


Audio yes
Radio no
Speaker yes
Microphone yes


Type none


Features 10 clock features, call notification and messages / notifications, directory, call log, stand reminder, sleep monitor, calculator, alarm, calendar and stopwatch


Worlds Silver, Black

Package Contents

Contents 1 x No.177 DT98 Smartwatch 1 x Magnetic charging cable 1 x Instructions for use


Compatibility with Android and iOS

The design of the NO.1 DT98 smartwatch is quite good. It looks quite futuristic with the carbon lining on the base and is quite thin, unlike most such watches. The set for the smart watch has 2 chains – metal and silicone. I dare say that the NO.1 DT98 looks very good with both options. It is quite difficult to find a sports watch that looks good with a metal chain, but NO.1 has done very well. The only drawback of the design is the metal chain – it is quite uncomfortable. All the edges on it are extremely sharp and are pressed into the skin of the hand.

Considering that NO.1 is a company dealing only with smart watches, it is needless to say that the quality of the DT98 smartwatch is extremely good. The chain is firmly attached and for 6 months of use I have seen almost no traces of use on the smart watch. Internal components and software are also at a high level – I have not had any problems with crashing the operating system or other hardware problems. Also IP68 water resistance is exceptional. You can even bathe in salt water without any problems.

For the price range of the DT98 smart watch there are many features, the most interesting of which is the ECG monitor. Standard pedometer, heart rate and blood pressure are also available. You can even make phone calls and answer calls when your phone and watch are connected via Bluetooth. You can also read most messages and notifications from Viber, Instagram, Gmail and more. Needless to say, features such as a calculator, stopwatch and calorie counter are also available in the NO.1 DT98 smartwatch. Application: The application you need to download and to which the watch connects is called – FunDo. The application itself has many features and shows a lot of information, but the big downside is that you can not configure it so that it periodically checks the heart rate and records data. The application shows only information that you manually checked on the watch itself (the only exception is the sleep monitor – it is automatic).

Pro: It has an ECG monitor, IP68 water resistance, 2 chains - metal and silicone, relatively good battery life
Con: Application
Con: Metal chain design
Con: Insufficiently durable battery with Bluetooth connectivity

My impressions of the NO.1 DT98 smartwatch are good overall, but unfortunately this type of watch is not for me yet. Mostly because of the durability of the battery – coming from watches that have not changed their battery for more than 5 years, charging your smartwatch every 4-5 days is extremely painful. Even without a permanent Bluetooth connection, this watch cannot last more than 1 week on a single charge. As far as I understand after my research, even high-end smartwatches can’t last more than 2 weeks on a single charge. You need to keep this in mind, and if battery life and constant charging are a concern, you should consider taking a step toward a smartwatch. Otherwise, in general, the NO.1 DT98 is a wonderful smartwatch with many features that are not found even in higher-end watches. Features such as ECG, blood pressure and heart rate are questionable accuracy – but this is also the case with more expensive smartwatch models. I’m not even sure that the ECG measurement works at all – even though the measuring plates are present. Pulse and pressure also almost always show identical values. But still for this price range it is real, a miracle that NO.1 have managed to implement so many features in this watch. The other functionalities work very well and without any problems. The biggest surprise for me was the opportunity to call and talk through the watch itself, as well as to read most of the messages and notifications coming from the phone. Quite disappointing is the application you need to connect to the NO.1 DT98 smartwatch. The application is called FunDo and the biggest problem is that you can’t set it when you want to have your blood or heart rate measured (for what day or time). The application shows data for such information only if you have manually made such a measurement from the smart watch itself. For me, this is unbeatable for a modern application and a smart watch. Overall for its price, the NO.1 DT98 offers a lot of functionality and is a great option for the first smartwatch.

Editor's review
Total Rating

Very good smart watch if you are going to use one for the first time. There are many features and so you will be able to get acquainted with what smart watches are. Accordingly, if you like, you will be able to upgrade to a higher class. Of course, for the price you pay you can not expect miracles – the application is not the greatest, the battery life is average and most of the indicators that are measured are of questionable accuracy.

NO.1 DT98


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