i8 wireless keyboard remote for TV box and computer

i8 wireless keyboard

After I bought my first TV box one of the few disappointments in it was the standard remote that comes with it. Managing the TV box is quite difficult, especially when you have to write something in a field. Even its option for voice recognition with which to enter text does not work with all applications, not to mention that there is no possibility for recognition in Bulgarian. So I decided to buy another remote that has a keyboard and mouse. One of the most common wireless keyboards is the i8 model. The main manufacturer is Riitek with its Rii brand. There are already many alternatives to this model in online stores for a much better price.

  • 92 keys
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless keyboard with touchpad
  • Wireless remote with multimedia buttons to control the computer and keys to control the games
  • Suitable for Google TV, Smart TV, Different types of TV Boxes and computer
  • Maximum working distance: & gt; 10 M
  • 4 different colors of keyboard backlight
  • Cyrillic keys
  • With USB interface adapter
  • Mouse pad
  • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
  • Support systems: Windows 7/10 / Linux / Mac OS X. Android & gt; 3
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 14.7 x 9.7 x 1.9 cm
  • Weight: 110g

The design of the i8 wireless keyboard is super convenient to use. It is designed to be easily grasped with both hands for faster writing. The distance of the keys is calculated very optimally to be convenient for everyone. The location of the touchpad for mouse movement is also very good. You can easily hold the i8 remote control with one hand and control the mouse on the screen with the other.

The quality of the wireless keyboard, I would say, is average. The plastic from which the i8 is made feels quite cheap and even the lid that closes the batteries does not fit very tightly. The button to turn on and off the remote is also quite clumsy. The keys on the keyboard also feel quite cheap as a workmanship. But we still can’t expect miracles – the i8 wireless keyboard is an alternative product, a copy of the Rii brand. Nevertheless, the remote responds very adequately to each command and there are no comments from internal hardware

For its price, the i8 has a huge range of features. The most interesting is the backlight, which can be changed as a color. Extreme convenience in the evening or at night when the light is scarce. The other main feature is the touchpad with which you can use the wireless keyboard as a mouse. Provides you with incredibly fast navigation through the on-screen menus. Another plus is that the remote uses a 2.4 GHz wireless signal, which means you don’t have to have direct visibility to the device you’re going to control.

Pro: Illumination of the buttons
Pro: Ability to write in Cyrillic
Pro: Touchpad for mouse
Pro: No need for direct visibility to the device to be controlled
Con: There is no microphone and voice commands cannot be used, the batteries drain relatively quickly

The i8 wireless keyboard is probably one of the cheapest, but at the same time the most convenient and useful gadgets I’ve bought. For the price, you get so much functionality that solves countless problems that standard remotes just can’t. The TV box and smart devices have an overly functional interface that cannot be navigated quickly with just up and down buttons. The need for a keyboard and mouse is huge. Controlling a smart TV or computer with a standard remote is just a nightmare. Not to mention that the backlight on the i8 in the evening is indispensable. The other important feature for me was that you didn’t have to point the remote at the TV box to type or control the mouse. Because it uses a 2.4 GHz signal, you can even turn your back on the TV and control it without a problem. As I mentioned, the only 2 downsides to the i8 wireless keyboard are the lack of a microphone and the relatively fast battery drain during heavy use. In my opinion, the energy efficiency of the device can be drastically improved.

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After a year and a half of use, I can say that having a smart TV without an i8 wireless keyboard remote is a torture. Without it, writing even a few words takes tens of minutes. For the price, this wireless keyboard offers incredible relief. At first I thought that the silicone keys would wear out very quickly, but for now there is no sign of wear. The only remark I can say is about the quality of the assembly – there is something to be desired there, because the battery cap is always on the verge of detachment. Also, after such prolonged use, I notice that the wireless keyboard does not always count every keystroke or keystroke. This is most pronounced when the battery is very weak or there is an obstacle between the remote control and the TV. But in general, you can’t ask for much for this price. I’m super happy with the wireless keyboard remote.



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