Cheap WiFi smart water heater with Sonoff TH16 key


My main search criteria was the WiFi switch itself to withstand a large amperage, as the boiler will load it a lot. Of course, the low price was also important. At the time of purchase, the largest amperage offered by Sonoff products was 16 amps, hence the name of the model TH16. There are also models with lower amperage such as TH10 and higher, which, however, were for more serious automation of the home – with dozens of outputs, large size and complex connection to the mains. It is a good idea to check the power of your water heater before buying a WiFi switch. When overloaded, the device can melt, ignite and cause a fire. When I bought the Sonoff TH16 on November 21, 2018, the price of this key was about BGN 15. The other reason why I decided to choose this WiFi switch is that it has the ability to attach additional humidity and temperature sensors. In this case, when connecting to the boiler, I did not need these two options of the key, but it is good to have them in case of need. In general, with these two features of the Sonoff TH16, the possibilities for home automation are endless. Therefore, with this WiFi key you can make smart almost any appliance you can think of and control it via your phone.

Supports status display of the device (on / off) Supports remote on and off Supports the ability to turn on at a certain temperature or humidity Supports delayed start, calendar setting and repeatability Supports the ability to check temperature and humidity in real time Supports the ability to turn on and off other smart appliances Works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap Works with Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Nest Specification Input voltage: 90 ~ 250V AC Maximum voltage: 15A Maximum power: 3500W (15A) Humidity: 5% -90% RH Temperature Operating: 0ºC-40ºC (32 ° F-104 ° F) WiFi standard: 802.11 b / g / n Security: WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK Material: Fireproof ABS V0 Dimensions: 114 * 51 * 32 (mm) Supported sensors for temperature and humidity: Si7021, AM2301, DS18B20, DHT11

The design of the WiFi switch is not very friendly and this is no accident. This device is not specifically designed for outdoor installation, ie. the idea is to have it mounted in an electrical panel or hidden in some kind of electrical box. That is why its appearance is not very neat for installation as a boiler key, which is visible to everyone in your home. However, there are options to make the installation of the key visually friendly.

Sonoff is a brand of the Chinese company ITEAD, which have been on the market for many years and specialize in the production of home automation appliances. I would say that the materials from which Sonoff TH16 is made are of high quality. There are a lot of videos on Youtube that load, even in some cases load the device and it is kept within the permissible limits. However, for the price at which the device is offered, we can not look for the highest quality materials.

I already mentioned that the capabilities of Sonoff TH16 to automate various appliances to almost endless. You can connect this WiFi smart switch to any device (which has a power of less than 16 amps). Considering the possibility of connecting temperature and humidity sensors, the ideas for automation of the home, and even outside it, become even more.

The application – Sonoff have their own application for a phone that you can download for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the application does not support Bulgarian language, but it is super intuitive and I do not think anyone would have a problem using it. Connecting to the WiFi network at home is also very easy. There are picture instructions in the box that will help you quickly turn on and start using Sonoff. Through the application you can switch the boiler on and off, set certain days and hours (for example night tariff) in which it can be switched on and off, create a schedule and calendar. In general, the possibilities are endless. In this way you can optimize the amount of electricity consumed by your boiler.
Pro: Easy to connect and activate
Pro: It has a stable, efficient and multifunctional phone application
Pro: Made by a well-known company specializing in this sector
Pro: Ability to connect to temperature and humidity sensors
Con: Not very good looking - not suitable for outdoor / visible installation
Con: Not suitable for high amperage appliances
Con: Requires neutral / negative conductor

For me, the Sonoff WiFi switch is a great choice. It combines quality at a very good price and the ability to connect it to your boiler to optimize your costs by saving on your electricity bill. For me personally, the cost of electricity dropped by 30-40%. Of course, everything is very subjective and individual, but in my opinion, after a few weeks of testing and optimization, absolutely everyone will be able to significantly reduce the electricity consumption of the boiler. The WiFi key control application is very stable, unlike similar devices from other brands. For almost a year and a half of use I have never had problems connecting to the boiler from anywhere in the world. The connection to Sonoff’s servers is obviously quite stable and their “down time” is minimized. And with the application itself, you can make whatever settings you want to turn on / off the boiler – switching on at a certain time and day of the week or month, recurring events, such as turning on every Thursday or other day of the week. Basically everything you can think of. This gives you the opportunity for great flexibility and optimization. Overall, for me personally, I don’t see any flaws in the Sonoff TH16 key, except for its design. But as I said here, the price is more important. In total, for BGN 15 you can make any water heater or other electrical appliance smart and control it remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Great budget option with which to make a water heater or other home appliance, Smart device and control it via WiFi. This will give you great flexibility to customize and reduce power consumption.



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