Cheap WiFi smart air conditioner with Broadlink RM Mini3


These universal remotes such as Broadlink RM Mini3 connect to your WiFi network after, through the application of the phone you can connect to the device, and it to all types of equipment in your home that uses IR (infrared) signal for remote control. Such are the remotes of most TVs, air conditioners, stereos and others.

Key features: Remote control Smart control Graph and calendar Timer Easy configuration Features: WiFi standard: 802.11 b / g / n @ 2.4 GHz IR standard: 38 KHz frequency; omni directional (6 transmitters); 12 meters range; 1x IR receiver for learning function Buttons – Reset button, power LED Power – 5V / 500 mA via micro USB port Consumption – Less than 0.85W in standby mode Dimensions – 55 x 55 x 64.5 mm Weight – 75 grams Operating temperature – 0 ~ 50 degrees Celsius

The design of the universal remote for smart air conditioner Broadlink RM Mini 3 is very futuristic. There is absolutely nothing superfluous about the device itself. The only 3 things that can be seen on the WiFi remote are the LED indicator, USB input and reset button. Under the top cover of the device are hidden infrared diodes that send the signal to the device.

Broadlink is a Chinese company that specializes in the production of smart home electronics. Its main activity is related to the production of WiFi remotes, WiFi controlled sockets, light bulbs and others. The quality of the materials from which the Broadlink RM Mini 3 is made is at a good level in my opinion

Personally, my goal with buying the Broadlink RM Mini 3 was to have a smart air conditioner to control over WiFi. For this reason, the main functionality I was looking for was the universal remote to have WiFi and an application with which to control and configure. The Broadlink RM Mini 3 has both. Another important feature it has is to learn from other remotes. All you have to do is enter training mode via the app and point the other remote at the Broadlink RM Mini 3 – it will recognize the signal and you will be able to save it in the app. Another feature is the ability to create your own remotes or download them from the Broadlink database. There are countless ready-made remotes and you will surely find yours. Another important detail is that when you or someone else creates your own remote, it is also uploaded to the Broadlink database and anyone can use it. This way you can use remotes made by other users – such as Vivacom’s IPTV remote. The app: In general, the phone app has a lot of features – creating remotes that are summarized in a room (such as a living room or bedroom), setting an on / off schedule, recurring events, and a calendar.

Pro: Ability to connect to WiFi network and control devices through it
Pro: Small size and modern design
Pro: Large range and work in all directions - 360 degrees
Pro: Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Pro: Electricity - no need for batteries
Con: Difficult to connect the phone and the application to the remote
Con: Creating an event to turn on or off does not work
Con: No charger included in the kit - only USB cable
Con: From time to time loses connection to Broadlink servers and control over WiFi becomes impossible

My personal impressions of Broadlink RM Mini 3 are that the universal remote is a good gadget with which you can have a smart air conditioner for only 20 levs. In general, the device offers a lot of functionality and can be used for any device using a remote with IR (infrared) signal. My goal to have a smart air conditioner was to be able to turn it on in advance before coming home from work and thus to go home in the winter months warm and respectively in the summer cool. I also wanted to have the opportunity to make a schedule with which to run it at night rate and thus save on electricity bills. Overall, the Broadlink RM Mini 3 allows for all of these things. As I wrote above, there is something to be desired from the software part of the universal remote and more precisely the application. Because quite often the device loses connection with the servers and cannot be accessed through the phone. Sometimes the commands are executed with a delay and also the setting of the air conditioner to start on a certain day and time also does not work every time. My connection to the Broadlink RM Mini 3 was as follows – since the universal WiFi remote only comes with a USB cable (no charger), I either had to look for one or find another solution. Then I thought I could just buy a power strip with USB ports, which I did. I put the remote only about 4 meters from the air conditioner and so far I have not had any problems with the range. The signal always reaches the air conditioner.

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Overall, the Broadlink RM Mini3 is a good option for home automation and control of your air conditioner. The most important “feature” is the price-quality ratio. The software side of the universal remote control needs some improvements and I hope Broadlink will make them in the next version of the product.



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