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After a long time searching, reading reviews and reviews, I stopped at this robot vacuum cleaner . This site helped me with my research There you will find reviews and features of almost everyone robot vacuum cleaner currently available on the market. As the site itself allows you to search for a variety of filters such as price, battery capacity and features. This way you will be able to find the most suitable domestic helper for you. I personally settled on the Proscenic 811GB. My selection criteria were battery capacity, mop function and the ability to control the vacuum cleaner via a phone application. Proscenic 811GB has a battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh, which allows it to work autonomously for about 2 hours, has an attachment that is charged with water, for wet cleaning or the so-called mop function and can be controlled via phone – on and off via the Internet, to issue commands and to schedule cleaning by days. Here are some features of the robot itself.




Basic functions
Mapping no
Automatic return to charger yes
Noise level 40 db
Display no
Side brushes 2
Voice notification yes
Suction power 1000 Pa
Cleaning area 150 m2
Home size small, medium
Cleaning Modes auto, edge, spot, zig-zag
Container capacity 500 ml
Mop function yes
Water container capacity 200 ml
Height of passage barriers 15 mm
HEPA filter yes
Types of carpets low with short hair
Types of flooring wood, tiles, stone, linoleum
Battery capacity 3000 mAh
Operating time 130 min
Time for charging 300 min
Power (Watts) 25 W
Create a cleaning schedule yes
Remote yes
Wi-Fi / Application yes
Amazon Alexa support yes
Google Assistant support no
Virtual Wall yes
Application Features
Digitally blocked area no
Zone cleaning no
Multi-storey maps no
Manual traffic control yes
Max power for carpets no
Anti-fall sensor yes
Dirt sensor no
Full container indicator no
Robot weight 2.5 kg
Robot width 33 cm
Robot height 7.6 cm
What’s in the box remote, smart mop container, dust container, charger, adapter, cleaning brush, 2 HEPA filters, 4 side brushes, 2 microfiber cloths, magnetic tape and instructions for use
Warranty 12 months

The design of the robot vacuum cleaner is impressive. The sky blue color combined with black will attract everyone’s attention. The robot itself is quite low compared to most competing products, which helps it pass under low furniture and spaces. Overall, the Proscenic 811GB has a modern design with nothing superfluous. There are 2 buttons on the top – to turn on and connect to WiFi, and on the side there is a button that completely turns off the vacuum cleaner. This button is used in case you will not use the robot for a long time.

Proscenic is a Taiwanese company that specializes in the production of electronic cleaning products. The company has a 20-year history in the trade of vacuum cleaners and home appliances. Thanks to its experience, the company has produced a truly quality product. The materials used (mainly plastic) are durable and the assembly is wonderful.

As I said above, the Proscenic 811GB has most of the advanced features you would want in a robot vacuum cleaner. Phone control, mop function, durable battery, self-charging – these are just some of the functions that the robot has. The Proscenic 811GB is extremely easy to use – just plug it in and you’re done. It is a bit more complicated to connect the robot to WiFi for the first time, but in the box with the product there is a special leaflet which shows with pictures how to do it in the easiest way. After the first connection, the vacuum cleaner automatically connects itself each time it is switched on. The application for the phone is also very simple, there is nothing superfluous and although there is no Bulgarian language, everyone would be able to navigate very easily. If you find it difficult to use the phone, you can use the remote that is included in the kit and with which you can perform exactly the same commands as in the application for the phone.

Pro: It has a mop function, with the ability to set how much water to release the container
Pro: It has an application for control via telephone, missing from other vacuum cleaners in this price range
Pro: Durable battery allowing up to 2 hours of robot operation
Pro: Many additional / spare accessories included with the robot
Pro: Low noise
Pro: Low cost
Con: There is no possibility to create a map of the home
Con: It is not suitable for large apartments
Con: Sometimes it is difficult to find the charger

In addition to the search criteria written above, I’ve been looking at the Proscenic 811GB’s movements for a long time – how it recognizes obstacles and how it moves around the room in general. And perhaps this weighs the most on my choice, as most “non-smart” vacuum cleaners (which do not have the ability to create a map of the apartment) move absolutely chaotically around the rooms and empty spaces. The Proscenic 811GB, on the other hand, runs in the typical smart robot zigzag model and thus rarely leaves uncleaned space. Also, after cleaning a space, the robot goes over the edges of the room to clean all the edges, which is again amazing for a “non-smart” robot vacuum cleaner. He handles obstacles very well and never gets stuck even in very tight spaces. Indeed, Proscenic engineers have perfected the robot’s algorithms to such an extent that even without mapping, it can traverse all obstacles and spaces. My impressions of the mop function are good. As I expected, the robot can not replace the real mop and can not remove various stubborn and dry stains, with just 1 pass. But the Proscenic 811GB has a special stain cleaning feature that rotates the robot several times to remove even dry stains. After the first few tests of the mop function I was a little disappointed, but after a while I realized that it still works and with a little control for stubborn stains cleans perfectly. However, it cancels you for another homework – passing with a wet rag. The water container has an internal pump and the water flow is controlled electronically by the robot itself. This was the second most important criterion for me, because with most competing products with a mop function, the water just flows out of the container without any control. And if you eventually leave the robot in one place or when charging, the water will leak into this place, which can be detrimental to parquet, for example. Another advantage of the mop container is that it wipes and sucks dust at the same time, a function that very few robots have. Another advantage is the many accessories that you get completely free. In the robot box, in addition to the standard accessories, you have spare side brushes, an additional Hepa filter, another microfiber mop cloth, a cleaning brush and a magnetic tape limiter, with which you can keep the robot from moving into another room. The noise level is standard for me. In general, according to the technical specifications, the Proscenic 811GB is a fairly quiet vacuum cleaner. Comparing it to a high-end Roomba is really quieter, but I wouldn’t say you can sleep while it works around you, as advertised. One of the disadvantages for me is that this robot is not suitable for larger apartments and especially rooms with many rooms. Since the Proscenic 811GB does not have the technology to create a room map, it would be very difficult to navigate in large apartments with many rooms. For this type of premises, mapping is really a function without which cleaning would not be effective. Another downside that I noticed after nearly 2 months of using the Proscenic 811GB is that it is sometimes difficult to find your charger. Again, this is due to the lack of a mapping function. This robot cannot remember the exact location of the charger, and when the battery drops to a certain minimum or you ask it to return to the charger, it starts scanning the corresponding room for the charging station. Accordingly, if he does not “see” her because of an obstacle or if she is in a completely different room, he starts looking for her, wandering around the premises. In general, this is not a big problem and in 80% of cases it finds the charger quite quickly, but there are also cases when it fails and just stays somewhere lost the charge.

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Overall, the Proscenic 811GB is a great product that combines low cost and many features. The only thing missing is a mapping feature that would make the robotic vacuum cleaner perfect. The design and quality of workmanship are also at a high level.



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