Amazfit GTR 2e smart watch with super durable battery

Amazfit GTR 2e
Amazfit GTR 2e
Amazfit GTR 2e
Amazfit GTR 2e
Amazfit GTR 2e

Amazfit GTR 2e is the second generation smartwatch of the GIA model from Xiaomi Amazfit. And more precisely the model 2e which is Essential or in direct translation into Bulgarian – basic. Which means that this is the basic model with the main functions, and now the GTR and GTR Pro models have the full range of functions. Which, in fact, is not the case, because the Amazfit GTR 2e also has features that are lacking in the more expensive versions, such as the temperature sensor. The main features of the model with which it upgrades the previous version are the durable battery, the amazing display and the barometer for measuring altitude.

After a lot of wandering and going through 2 other smart watches from the lower price range such as – Zeblaze HYBRID i NO.1 DT98 , I realized that this what I’m looking for, at least at the moment can not be found in this price range, namely – long battery life. Fortunately, the Amazfit GTR 2e offers just that – an incredibly long 21-day battery life. That was the main reason I bought it. Also interesting to me was the function for measuring the temperature, which is proving to be quite important nowadays, and which is missing in most modern smart watches, even from the higher class. All other features such as heart rate measurement, saturation and sports modes are now standard on all smart watches. The other thing I can distinguish is the presence of a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure and altitude.

The design of the Amazfit GTR 2e in my opinion is quite simple, but modern at the same time. Personally, I prefer massive watches, but I got used to the minimalist design of Amazfit very quickly. There is nothing superfluous on this smart watch. The round design combined with 2 buttons is not flashy, but at the same time elegant.

In my opinion, there is no need to mention the quality of the smartwatch itself. Amazfit has long since proven itself on the market with its great smart watches. What I can note is that the assembly is very good and the first thing you will notice (or maybe not) is how light the Amazfit GTR 2e itself is. A few minutes after you put it on your wrist you will forget that you have a watch. And yet the GTR 2e feels pretty solid. The display is bright, with excellent colors and there is almost no situation in which you can not see exactly what it shows you.

All the functions of the smartwatch and the application work perfectly, except for a few which I will describe below. Heart rate measurement is incredibly accurate compared to professional medical devices. Monitoring sleep quality, sports modes, pedometer, etc. also work without a problem. The only 2 problems I found after almost 2 months of using Amazfit GTR 2e are the temperature reading and the problem with the reflection of notifications from the phone. The problem with the temperature sensor is that it reads about 1 – 1.5 degrees down. I guess this is due to the fact that the temperature is measured on the upper wrist and is certainly influenced by external factors. But this is not the main problem – I could not find the ability to automatically pre-measure the temperature and more importantly – its synchronization of data with the application. The application itself has a section that is separate for data from the temperature sensor, but there is no option to mark this data to be synchronized and this section is always empty, which is quite annoying. The other problem I would like to point out is that after a certain period of time the smartwatch itself stops reporting and informing you about notifications received on your phone. I still have no idea why the GTR 2e crashes like this, but I guess it’s because its memory is full and there’s no place to reflect the new notifications you’ve received. After restarting the smartwatch itself, everything is fine, but it’s quite annoying because this is one of the most important features of the device. Here I must note the incredibly long battery life. According to Amazfit, this smartwatch can last 21 days without charging, but this is provided that you do not use the Bluetooth connection and other features of the smartwatch. I personally use it with relatively frequent heart rate measurement and constant Bluetooth connection, and my smartwatch lasts up to 14 days without charging, which is just amazing and much more expensive watches can only envy this achievement. Compared to the watches from the lower class, and even from the high class, which last no more than 2-3 days, this is an amazing achievement for me on the part of Amazfit. I got to the point where I forgot when I last charged it and I was looking for that in the new smart watches, because I’m used to battery watches not charging it at all. And in general, charging the watch in my opinion is very annoying – after all, its function is to stay on your wrist and be used at any time.

Pro: Ultra long battery life - up to 21 days
Pro: Temperature sensor
Pro: Attractive application with many functions and settings
Pro: Super lightweight
Con: There is no possibility to synchronize the temperature data, sometimes it crashes and does not show received notifications

For me, Amazfit GTR 2e is an excellent smart watch with many features. The most important thing for me when choosing a new smartwatch was the long battery life and GTR 2e did not disappoint me. Given that watches of a higher class costing 300-400 levs spend no more than 2-3 days without charging, to have a smart watch that lasts up to 21 days is simply amazing. Yes, the expensive watch will give you even more features such as ECG and blood pressure measurement, which unfortunately the Amazfit GTR 2e lacks. But still the feeling of forgetting that you have to charge your watch is unique. The only major downside for me personally is its relatively high price. But still, obviously to get all these features and a durable battery, at least for now, this is the price you have to pay.

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Amazfit GTR 2e impressed me with its durable battery, which is very difficult to find in modern smart watches. Personally, I’m used to not putting the watch on my hand at all. And the thought that I would have to charge it every 3-4 days was a big brake on buying a smartwatch. After trying a few watches from the lower class, it became clear that in order to be able to use the watch for at least 1 week without recharging, I will have to look at the smart watches from the higher class. I also liked the Amazfit GTR 2e as a design. The ability to download additional skins for the watch allows you to have a “new” watch almost every day. The strap is super comfortable and light. I am satisfied with the purchase with just a few small remarks – the high price and the uncertain receipt of notifications.



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