KOBO Nia HD 6″ eReader – 8 GB, Black, Black

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E-ink screenConnectivity: WiFiHolds thousands of books


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High definition touchscreen The Kobo Nia HD 6” eReader uses Carta E-ink technology, which makes text look like it does on the page, for a print-like reading experience. And because the screen is glare-free, you can ready on a sunny day without any reflections on the screen. And because the 6” Kobo Nia has an extra-long battery life, you can read for weeks on a single charge. ComfortLight Enjoy natural light levels during night hours with the smart ComfortLight setting, which dims your eReader so you can read in bed without disturbing anyone. Carry up to 6000 eBooks with 8 GB storage When you’re facing a long journey and want to stock up on books, the Kobo Nia has more than enough room for your favourite books, as well as some new titles to explore. With 8 GB of storage space you can save up to 6000 eBooks – so you’ll never be left without room for a new book.

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