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A video recorder (dashcam), also known as a car digital video recorder (DVR), driving recorder or event recorder (EDR), is an on-board camera that continuously records the view through the windshield of the vehicle, and sometimes and rear or other windows. Some cameras include a camera to record the interior of the car 360 degrees, usually in the form of a ball, and can automatically send photos and videos using 4G.

Most DVRs record g-force of acceleration / deceleration, speed, angle of rotation, GPS data, voltage of the power supply (vehicle electrical network) and more.

A wide-angle front camera from 130 to 170 ° can be attached to the inner windscreen, to the rear-view mirror or to the top of the instrument panel by suction cup or adhesive tape. The rear camera is usually mounted in the rear window or above the registration number, with RCA video output to the monitor / display screen.

The DVR resolution determines the overall quality of the video. Full HD or 1080p (1920 × 1080) are standard for these cameras. There are DVRs with 1080p, 1296p, 1440p or higher resolution (eg 4K) for front camera and 720p for rear camera and include f / 1.8 aperture with night vision mode.

DVRs can provide video evidence in the event of a car accident. When parked, cameras can capture video and photos if your car has been involved in an accident and send it to the owner, who typically uses 4G. This feature is called 24 hour protection.

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