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The company Zeblaze was founded in 2014 in Shenzhen , China . His experience is development and production on smart watches . For 5 years the company succeeded Yes se join to industry leaders _ for smart watches . A lot models released _ through this one period , became bestsellers thanks on the exclusive quality and competitive prices while _ such product gamma such as Zeblaze Thor, Zeblaze Vibe and Zeblaze Hybrid are permanent search . Zeblaze there is smart watches for all budgets with invariably quality . Consumers on smart clock Zeblaze can Yes be found in nearly 100 countries on the world .

Zeblaze is enthusiastic focused team _ on wearable electronics for sports and healthcare , which creates products that _ help Yes change of life on people . We change ways , by which people se connect to the internet and in between you are through intelligent technologies for carrying and innovations in transmission and processing on data .

Although that healthcare can Yes it seems complicated area , we we believe that not so much difficult . Convinced we are that you have larger chances Yes achieve the goals your if _ se have fun , smile and smile you feel confident while _ smart watches Zeblaze you help Yes achieve sports you are goals .

For Yes we can Yes appreciate whether given product is good except _ aspects such as quality , durability , .. must Yes we take also considering the technology , features and design that the manufacturer applies to product . his products . Watches Zeblaze possess simple design , but no less sophisticated with rounded corners creating _ soft feeling .

The strap is made from material silicone With variety from colors , from who you can Yes you choose , the opportunity for customization on width on cable helps on consumer Yes se feelings comfortable , easy for work as well as continuous work .

Watches equipped with IPS screen advanced , opportunity for showing on images and colors clear and accurate . Except that , watches Zeblaze have many interfaces on display with different colors , from youth to modern , suitable for you Yes vary depending _ from the goal on use .

The clever one clock Zeblaze is capable Yes connects 4G, LTE with high speed , yes you help easy Yes get access to internet . In addition , the clock also supports Bluetooth connection with iOS phone and Android. Helps you Yes you receive notices on every time and everywhere easy without _ Yes you wear phone you are to myself you are .

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