Price comparison - Brand Xiaomi IMILAB


IMILAB is trusted global supplier on solutions for security on intelligent house . Founded through April 2014, IMILAB is known such as leading supplier on solutions for intelligent home security in China , with over 40 million sold cameras for security on the whole world . With the partnership you ‘re with Xiaomi se became the main supplier on technologies and products for Samsung. Now the company continues Yes right innovation , such as improves their famous solutions for clever house . Thanks on intelligent design and integrated wireless technology , peace of mind is only on one click distance .

IMILAB has for purpose Yes be more from leader on market in solutions for security on intelligent house . The goal on the company is being pioneer at best technologies for intelligent house through permanent research and innovation . This means always creation on products that _ protect , inspire , connect and connect integrate trouble -free in life on customers .

IMILAB wants Yes build a world in which you and yours house always you are connected . This is where _ _ you can Yes you are sure that _ yours close and most valuable you things are safe regardless _ _ where se you find . But this one connection exceeds only security . This is the ability without efforts Yes you control the vital you are space and yes him do own actually .

IMILAB is a company specialized in production on cameras for observation and recently on smart watches . The cameras for observation from IMILAB already from years se glorify with unbelievable quality and super price . The new one them adventure with smart watches too se crowned with success . The first a few experience of IMILAB in the field on smart watches are models with exceptional durable battery , which is one from the most important things at the choice on smart clock .

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