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haylou смарт часовници

Haylou is a brand owned of Dongguan Liesheng Electronic Technology. Dongguan Liesheng Electronic Technology is a subsidiary company of Dongguan Hele Electronics. Hele Electronics and Liesheng Electronic are OEMs for Mi / Redmi Airdots on Xiaomi.

The name on the brand is taken from homonym on English the word “Hello”. We believe that we can Yes we resonate with the sea through sink and yes we listen voice on ocean together as well so we can Yes we listen voice on consumers through Haylou and yes we share beauty on voice together . Haylou is the messenger on sound and environment through _ which we resonate with ours users .

Dongguan Liesheng Electronic Co., Ltd. was created through May 2015 Launched company soon you are provide financing from A series from Xiaomi Technology and more this one way got up one from the earliest members of the ecosystem on Xiaomi. The young Internet enterprise continues Yes equalizes management its like _ se turns into one from leading players in the industry on intelligent and sporty consumables in China . Liesheng , as supplier the ODM solutions are fine also known in China .

Haylou , the engine on healthy growth , be engages Yes created digital health ecology through integration on scenario ” custom data device ” via technological innovation . The slogan on the brand his ” Power in himself holding on _ se to values of ” Empowerment and Awakening ,” Haylou there is for purpose Yes inspire consumers Yes provoke myself yes , yes explore potential yes , yes will release the real one you are strength and yes find better me .

The product portfolio on Haylou varies from wireless audio , smart watches , to IOT and others categories . And the business mu covers more from 100 countries and regions , serving dozens millions users on the whole world .

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