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Kospet смарт часовници

KOSPET was created through July 2018 and be located in Shenzhen , the youngest city for technological innovation in China . This is a brand for smart watches from high class . KOSPET se adheres to the product concept of “Watch You Want” , explores in-depth need on consumers enthusiasts from products for smart watches , combines understanding and persecution of KOSPET for products , integrates resources from the chain for supplies and creates products for smart watches that _ consumers really they love . KOSPET is a brand smart watches from high class that _ se engage Yes se turned into the first echelon in its area , such as provide more extreme consumer experience on the ultimate customer , such as on this one way hardware and software productivity always are advanced on market . KOSPET has complete chain for delivery on watches , with design of PCBA, design on identifier , research on product for MD design and capabilities for development ; has a modern production enterprise ; from research and development activity to production , there is full systems for control on quality and experienced management on quality technicians . KOSPET has achieved relationships for cooperation with distributors and customers in more from 40 countries and regions on the world . We we can Yes provide on global users different kinds product services such as products on wholesale , OEM or ODM customization . KOSPET is deep engaged in the market on watches with Android. After the release on the first in the world smart watch 3GB + 32GB in 2018, the company consistently let go on market more leading products _ the trend for development on market on watches with Android and up became the TOP brand on market on smart watches with Android.

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Kospet Prime 2 Smartwatch price comparison